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Owl #2

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  • Owl #2

    I quite enjoyed this issue, although I thought I read some negative comments about the art elsewhere, for me it suited the book and did not let the story down, so I was satisfied.

    No great surprises with the Owl Girl character's origin, and the arc looks like it is will be pitched around Owl trying to redeem her bloodthirsty tendencies, to rein her in.

    I hope it does not go that way, as I think that would be too predictable, but more because I suspect Owl Girl's past actions (alluded too) and recently shown maiming of criminals would just be glossed over in that situation.

    So far I am enjoying this book, and I am enjoying the fact it does not feel like the shipping schedule has slipped yet. That for me is so important after the delays that have beset the PS line previously.