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Project Superpowers Chronological Reading order?

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  • Project Superpowers Chronological Reading order?

    I just got all the titles related to this on ComiXology during the 10 year anniversary sale. I was wondering if anyone has a chronological reading order? I read the first mini, and just started Black Terror #1, but was wondering what order to read them in after that

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    This is going off the top of my head, but it should at least get you in the right ballpark:

    PSP 0-7
    PSP 1/2
    Masquerade 1-4
    Bring On The Bad Guys 1-4 (though this can really be read anywhere between here and half way through PSP Chapter 2)
    Death-Defying Devil FCBD (Free Comic Book Day)
    Death-Defying Devil 1-4
    Black Terror 1-4
    PSP Chapter 2 0-4 (I think. Look for the scene of Black Terror leaving to deal with the Crusaders and stop at that issue)
    Black Terror 5-8 (I think that's the end of that arc. It's either 8 or 9)
    PSP Chapter 2 5-12
    Black Terror 9-12
    Project Superpowers X-Mas Special
    The Owl 1-4


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      Thanks so much for this! I actually read the whole first chapter of Project Superpowers all ready, then went on to start Black Terror (I'm almost finished with issue 4). Sadly, they don't seem to have digital copies of either 1/2 of the FCBD issues, so I won't be able to read those.

      Other than that, thanks again; this is a big help!


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        What is PSP 1/2?


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          Originally posted by Britt68 View Post
          What is PSP 1/2?
          Project Superpowers (2008) Wizard 1/2 was one of those Wizard exclusive mail-away premiums. I don't believe it is included in the hardcover or trade collections. IIRC, it takes place between issues 5 and 6 of Chapter One. It also had preview pages from the Black Terror, Death-Defying 'Devil, and Masquerade miniseries in the back. The story basically gives some background on the Dynamic Family, and I think, Kid Terror. I didn't realize the FCBD issue wasn't in the Death-Defying 'Devil trade collection, either, but that one shouldn't be particularly difficult to find as a back issue. The #1/2 issue would be somewhat more difficult to locate a copy, but as you can see from the link above, it's not an expensive purchase.

          DE should really consider doing Omnibus editions of PSP. One for PSP Chapters One (including #1/2) and Two, a second Omnibus for The Black Terror, and a third Omnibus compiling the Death-Defying 'Devil (including the FCBD issue), Masquerade, Meet the Bad Guys, and The Owl miniseries and the PSP X-mas Carol one-shot.
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            I wish they had them as digital releases (the 1/2, FCBD and Xmas ones). Those seem to be the only ones not on ComiXology. I know other companies did digital FCBD releases, as I got 4 Atomic Robo ones.


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              The 1/2 issue & the XMas issue are in stock at The only one not in stock is the FCBD issue starring DD.
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       does have the FCBD in stock....


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                  I only buy digital these days, and none are in digital format, so I'll just have to miss out on those. I'm pretty sure I got everything else though