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Nyx has finally managed to reconcile her human and demon sides - but she had to make a deal with her father, the mad god Chaos, to do it. Has she finally found her soul, only to sell it? Not if she has any say in the matter! There's an escape clause in the deal: Nyx has to kill her father. But how does one go about destroying a primordial force of the universe while keeping reality from falling apart? Well, you have to have a replacement standing by - and Nyx doesn't want it to be her. So the first thing she has to do is find a being capable of taking her mad dad's place. Does Craigslist even have a category for that? Find out in Nyx Vol. 2: Family Matters, written by the surprisingly lucid CHRISTOS GAGE and illustrated by the institutionally committed MARC BORSTEL! Collects issues #6-10.
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