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In this exciting adaptation of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, adapted by writer RIK HOSKIN and artist MARCIO ABREU, readers will explore the momentous events of The Great Hunt and follow the young hero Rand al'Thor and his compatriots as they seek out the Horn of Valere!
In Chapter Four, "The Shadow in Shienar," factions of the Aes Sedai maneuver in Fal Dara as Moiraine Sedai's relationship with a captive Darkfriend comes under scrutiny. Who is this servant of the Dark One, and where are the three young men who escorted Moiraine into the city? Meanwhile, the Amyrlin Seat has a vision that reveals the identity of the champion of light, prompting Moiraine to finally voice her conviction that Rand al'Thor will soon stand before the world as the Dragon Reborn!
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