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Dejah Thoris #1, Vampirella vs Red Sonja & Cherish
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We've got one ticket to Barsoom for you, and you can join us with a brand new epic DEJAH THORIS series over on ComiXology and other digital vendors now! Make sure to also check out the grand finales of VAMPIRELLA VS RED SONJA as well as CHERISH!

 Chuck Brown   |   ARTIST: Emiliana Pinna
COLORIST: Ellie Wright  |   LETTERER: Jeff Eckleberry
An all-new vision of A Princess of Mars! Eisner Award-winning writer Chuck Brown (Bitter Root) and stellar artist Emiliana Pinna (Red Sonja) present Dehah Thoris, a tale set before the events of Edgar Rice Burroughs' first classic novel. Young Princess Dejah has lived a sheltered existence, growing up behind vast palace walls, guarded by Helium's greatest warriors. But when the entire royal family is attacked by horrific Kaldane Martians, Dejah narrowly escapes into the wilds of Barsoom, with no recourse but to strike out on a quest to save her kingdom...

WRITER: Dan Abnett   |   ARTIST: Alessandro Ranaldi
COLORIST: Ellie Wright   |   LETTERER: Jeff Eckleberry
THE STUNNING FINALE! Are Sonja and Vampi able to set aside their grudges long enough for the greater good...or will their worst instincts result in mindless savagery, and the death of a universe?

WRITER: Katana Collins   |   ARTIST: Gabriel Caitano
COLORIST: Omi Remalante Jr.   |   LETTERER: Taylor Esposito
Dynamite Entertainment proudly presents to you a brand new series by bestselling author Katana Collins and rising star artist Gabriel Caitano, Cherish, featuring designs by Marc Silvestri. When the blood on the boardroom floor moves from metaphorical, to literal... After all of these years of training and planning, Cherish has finally come face to face with her father's killer. Though she has prepared herself physically for this encounter, the revelations leading up to this have rocked her to her core. Will she be able to put her emotions aside and do what has to be done? And will Connor ever forgive her? Cherish is the story of a young woman, Amelia Fellows, who witnessed the betrayal and murder of her father at the hands of those he once trusted. Unfortunately for Amelia, the people behind her father's death are some of the richest, most powerful people in the world. If Amelia wants justice for her father, she'll have to get it herself as the well-armed high-tech vigilante, Cherish.

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