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Get ready to climb aboard the Sea Quest and embark for adventure once more! Legendary boy explorer JONNY QUEST is back, along with his intrepid scientist dad Dr. Benton Quest, bodyguard "Race" Bannon, adopted brother Hadji, and all the rest of the beloved cast from the classic animated series!

Launching out of its issue #0 prelude story in Dynamite's 2024 Free Comic Book Day release, this action-packed new title begins where the show left off in 1964, but things quickly take a turn for the uncanny as they team returns from an experiment at sea to their home base in Palm Key, only to discover that the once-familiar landscape is now strangely, disquietingly different!

Superstar writer JOE CASEY (Superman, Ben 10) and powerhouse artist SEBASTIAN PIRIZ (We Ride Titans, Deadweights) join together to bring you the brand-new tales of Jonny and the Quest team that the world has been waiting for - all enhanced by fully frameable covers from CHAD HARDIN, JAE LEE & JUNE CHUNG, TOM RANEY, BOB LAYTON, and RICHARD PACE!
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