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Lilo & Stitch #2 Sneak Peek for FOC!

The mischievous mayhem and wholesome heart of LILO & STITCH continue in a hotly anticipated second issue. The new chapter is on FOC this week, and we're sharing a peek at the beautiful artwork by Giulia Giacomino, adapting the brilliant all-ages scripting of Greg Pak (Incredible Hulk, Star Wars, Superman). We don't want any Disney fans to miss out on this fun-filled title!


Greg Pak Speaks About the Series!
Greg, what history or memories do you have with the classic original Lilo & Stitch film?

The Lilo & Stitch movie blew my mind back in the day with its gorgeous, organic animation and its hugely fun sci-fi elements. But above all else, I loved its focus on the everyday struggles of an incredibly relatable family on the edge and a little girl and a little monster who somehow manage to save each other. Big genre elements, underdog heroes, and massive heart? That hits all my buttons.

Stitch is such a chaotic character, yet so lovable. He also has a somewhat unique grasp on speech. How has it been writing him?

This is an ongoing, fun challenge! Working in comics has given me lots of experience writing evocative sound effects, and much of Stitch's speech works like sound effects. But towards the end of the movie, he begins to speak in English at key points. The key is to figure out when actual words make sense for Stitch, and to make the most of them. When a character speaks very little, every line takes on added meaning. It's a bit like writing poetry, which sounds like a strange thing to say with regard to Experiment 626, but I love it.

Everyone's favorite experiment was surrounded by a bunch of fun characters, even beyond the co-titular Lilo. There is her older sister Nani, her boyfriend David, as well as Stitch's creator Dr. Jumba and Agent Pleakley, and even more. Can fans expect to see some of these characters in the new stories?

The big theme of the first movie was family, with Stitch finding his 'ohana with Lilo and Nani. So yes, even as Stitch heads across the world, his extended found family and the values they've shared with Stitch will play a key role in this new series.

Once again aliens will be making their way to small town Hawai'i in search of 626. Why can't everyone just leave the little fellow alone? What's going down this time?

Interestingly, it's not about what Stitch has done; it's about what these new antagonists think they can get from him. I don't want to say too much for fear of spoilers, but even though Stitch is learning to moderate his most destructive impulses with his family in Hawaii, he was originally built by Dr. Jumba to wreak chaos. This new enemy wants some of that action, so it's determined to capture Stitch to try to reverse-engineer that secret code for destruction.

Artist Giulia Giacomino will be making her major interior art debut with this series, hailing from superstar Mirka Andolfo's Arancia Studio. Though she did contribute to coloring on several issues of our initial Disney debut Gargoyles. How has it been seeing her bring your scripts to life and drawing the wonderfully cute and kinetic Stitch?

We're in the early days as I write this, but Giulia's sample pages and character designs are absolutely stunning, with pitch perfect characterization, fluid lines, and gorgeous action. I think she's going to blow everyone away.

A Huge First for a Beloved Disney Franchise!
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