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ThunderCats Coverage Begins!
First Interview Sharing Info With Fans

Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Ho! Everything is firing up, as we head toward the new THUNDERCATS comic series in our exciting new partnership with Warner Bros.! Writer Declan Shalvey and artist Drew Moss are making the rounds, with interviews in the press coming up. We're sharing one below with you to check out, and are sending it out to customers across marketing emails, social media, and fan groups. With a stellar story, awe-inspiring artwork, and a crop of cool covers, we don't want anyone to miss out on this timeless new vision of a beloved franchise!

Declan Shalvey and Drew Moss detail their forthcoming ‘ThunderCats’ series
"There’s always a little worry taking over a beloved franchise. Thankfully, I’ve had that experience recently at Marvel with Alien, so I think I’ve worked out how to do it. While there might be a temptation to go mad but going crazy just for the sake of it isn’t a path to good storytelling. Similarly, slavishly following what came before isn’t going to be compelling for the audience, so it’s trying to find the balance between both that’s challenging. Giving the dedicated audience enough to hold onto, while also introducing some shiny elements for a new audience, as well as giving the established audience something new." - Declan Shalvey

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