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ThunderCats #1 Second Printing Available for Order Now!

THUNDERCATS #1 has been one of the biggest hits of the year and from Dynamite in recent memory. The debut follows other historic launches in the company's history including Gargoyles and the 50th anniversaries of both Vampirella and Red Sonja. Following FOC, Dynamite announced that the total orders across all avenues resulted in 170,000 copies of the first issue. The sell-in number now is over 180,000 copies now. That included all the base variants, incentives, retailer exclusives, and FOC variants which included one by superstar Rob Liefeld.

Following the hotly anticipated release to stores on February 7, many of the cover variations quickly sold out completely at the distributor level with Diamond Comics Distributors. This was with aggressive overprinting to account for reorders.

In light of this, Dynamite is announcing a second printing. This reprint will be on Final Order Cutoff February 19 for release in stores March 13. This is paired alongside the release of the second issue. The second printing also features a special new take on Rob Liefeld's smash hit cover. With a unique "peel" effect showing off the pencil and ink work in addition to the color.

For any fans who may have missed out on the first printing, or those discovering it later through the continued momentum into the second and beyond, retailers can stock up on this pillar title. Writer Declan Shalvey, artist Drew Moss and the team are cooking up a fabulous story!

Make sure to ask your customers about subscribing to the series so they don't miss the next issues!

Stock Up on the Second Printing!
VIRGIN - JAN247380

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