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In FEAST OF SHADOWS, the first in the six-part OUR LADY OF SHADOWS story arc. Vampirella is sent by the Vatican to investigate the kidnapping of a little girl by Ethan Shroud and the Chaos cultists, only to become the centerpiece of a ritual invoking Lady Umbra, the sister-bride of Chaos, that leaves her marked as a living sacrifice to the dark goddess who rules the shadows. VAMPIRELLA is back and returns to her horror roots with Bram Stoker Award-winning author Nancy A. Collins (Swamp Thing, Sunglasses After Dark, Jason vs. Leatherface) and Patrick Berkenkotter (Avengers/Invaders, Red Sonja).
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DYNAMITE "ZEROES IN" WITH FOUR SPECIAL MUST-READ ONE-SHOTS WITH INCREDIBLE CREATORS!April 19th, 2014, Mt. Laurel, NJ: Dynamite is celebrating its 10th Anniversary in style this year by releasing four #0 one-shot special issues having important story tie-ins within each series! To unify the event, each issue features gorgeous covers by Gabriel Hardman! Regular series scribe Fred Van Lente writes Magnus: Robot Fighter #0, with interiors by Roberto Castro! Red Sonja #0 is written by Gail Simone and drawn by Ivan Rodriguez! The Shadow #0 features the Dynamite writing debut of Cullen Bunn and is drawn by Colton Worley! Warlord of Mars #0 is written by Matt Brady and drawn by Jack Jadson! Magnus: Robot Fighter #0 contains an all-new gold key adventure spinning directly from the events of Magnus: Robot Fighter #4! Magnus is a robot fighter…but not THE robot fighter. How has Leeja: Human Hunter kept the robot fighters from causing chaos on earth? And how does it tie into the Singularity? It's overstuffed action and intrigue! "Very excited Magnus has been chosen to represent the Gold Key line as part of Dynamite's 10th Anniversary celebration," says ...

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