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Rating: Mature
Cover: Jose Gonzalez
Writer: David Roach
Art: Jose Gonzalez
Publication Date: September 2015
Format: Hardcover
Page Count: 248 pages
ON SALE DATE: September 30
For nearly two decades, Jose Pepe Gonzalez was hailed as the premier Vampirella artist, drawing the fiery vixen for Warren Publishing in the Seventies and Eighties. Renowned for bringing to life the most beautiful women the art world has ever seen, Gonzalez's career spans from drawing British romance comics to movie stars, book covers to commercial advertising, and, of course, personal commissions for loved ones and devotees. For the first time ever, author David Roach covers Jose's entire career, transcending his vast body of Vampirella work to explore the full breadth of the master's creations. Vampirella collectors and Jose Gonzalez fans rejoice, for the life-spanning retrospective you've been waiting for has finally arrived! Featuring an introduction by fan-favorite painter Joe Jusko.
ISBN-13: 978-1-60690-743-6
Rating: Teen+
Cover: Joe Benitez
Writer: Marc Andreyko
Art: Aneke
Publication Date: November 2015
Format: Softcover
Page Count: 128 pages
ON SALE DATE: November 11
From the pages of Bill Willingham's Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure... it's Red Sonja, the crimson-tressed rogue and ruffian, facing off against science run amok in a tale by writer Marc Andreyko and artist Aneke. Against a Neo-Victorian backdrop of clockworks and Tesla coils, fantasy's most fearless heroine sets sail through a whole new world of adventure and intrigue!
After a year on the run under the assumed identity of Magna Spadarossa, Red Sonja returns to fiery form as an ale-swilling, rapier-swinging ship captain... but it's only a matter of time until she's called to action, drawn into a madman's plot to conquer the world! Befriending Elizabeth, the undead bride of Victor Frankenstein, Sonja discovers that the evil scientist has been kidnapping inventors and professors to steal their secrets and raise an unstoppable monster army. Will the She-Devil with a Sword unravel the plot in time, or will she fall victim to the mad doctor and his ally, the dreaded Captain Nemo?
Another rip-roaring adventure... Undeniably fun. - Geeks With Wives
Steampunk may be an abnormal setting for characters, but it proves to be one which is easily pliable to being one in which strong female characters can thrive, and if that is the case then Dynamite has a winning formula for its female leads. - Graphic Policy
With the success of Penny Dreadful, Once Upon a Time, and Grimm, seeing Andreyko and Aneke take Red Sonja and put her in this setting is an interesting one. - Major Spoilers
Fun adventure with a classic character in a Steampunk setting. - SciFi Pulse
Writer Marc Andreyko and artist Aneke deliver a truly fascinating tale, with the cross in genre's being fabulously handled. - Unleash the Fanboy
ISBN-13: 978-1-60690-782-5
Rating: Mature
Cover A Main: Fritz Casas
UPC: 725130223500 13011
Cover B Variant: Abhishek Malsuni
UPC: 725130223500 13021
Cover C Variant: Emanuela Lupacchino
UPC: 725130223500 13031
Writer: Ron Marz, Ian Edgington
Art: Ariel Medel
Genre: Science Fiction
Publication Date: November 2015
Format: Comic Book
Page Count: 32 pages
ON SALE DATE: November 25
Experience Mars in all its barbaric glory, as John Carter and Dejah Thoris continue their search for a way to preserve their dying world. But their journey may lead to certain death, as a mysterious foe stalks their every move! Co-writers Ron Marz and Ian Edginton continue their run, joined by rising artistic star Ariel Medel.
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Rating: Teen+
Cover: Francesco Francavilla
Writer: Mark Waid, Christopher Sequeira
Art: Ronilson Freire
Genre: Crime Noir, Superhero
Publication Date: November 2015
Format: Comic Book
Page Count: 32 pages
UPC: 725130233585 06011
ON SALE DATE: November 25
Betrayed by a former ally? Richard Benson and his Justice, Inc. team find themselves standing at the brink of a world war thanks to misplaced loyalties and a villain with a grudge that threatens to bury all of humanity!
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Rating: Teen+
Cover A: Eric Powell
Writer: Matt Wagner
Art: Dan Schkade, Brennan Wagner
Genre: Crime Noir, Superhero
Publication Date: November 2015
Format: Comic Book
Page Count: 32 pages
UPC: 725130235084 05011
ON SALE DATE: November 18
Our intrepid detectives finally admit that only one member of The Spirit's infamous Rogues Gallery could have had any chance of defeating their masked mentor. Their investigation ultimately brings them head-to-head with our hero's deadliest and most relentless foe, The Octopus-a confrontation that could very well cost them their lives! The reviews are in and the buzz is through the roof about this phenomenal new take on one of comicdom's most revered and iconic characters is brought to you by Eisner Award-winning writer Matt Wagner and the visual team of artist Dan Schkade and colorist Brennan Wagner. Join this continuing 75th anniversary celebration of comics master Will Eisner's most famous creation!
The Spirit #1 is a gem in every sense of the word. -Newsarama
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Rating: Teen+
Cover A Main: Tula Lotay
UPC: 725130228529 06011
Cover B Variant: Declan Shalvey
UPC: 725130228529 06021
Writer: Warren Ellis
Art: Colton Worley
Genre: Superhero, Action/Adventure
Publication Date: August 2015
Format: Comic Book
Page Count: 32 pages
ON SALE DATE: August 19
The American Spirit is in Blackcross. Six haunted people are in his murderous path. This is where it ends.


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