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SMOSH #4 (OF 6)
Rating: Teen +
Cover A: Jerry Gaylord
UPC: 725130247520 04011
Cover B: Franco Viglino
UPC: 725130247520 04021
Writer: David Atchison, Yale Stewart
Art: Jerry Gaylord, Yale Stewart
Genre: Media Tie-In, Humor
Publication Date: September 2016
Format: Comic Book
Page Count: 32 pages
Witness a tale of friendship, fame, and, freak accidents as Youtube sensation Box Man's origin springs to life, in crazy detail, in Smoshverse no. 4! Thrill as Box Man and friends try to make sense of his weird twist of fate, first attempting to make him the first-ever cardboard hero and, when that fails, settling on celebrity spokesperson. But can a move made in desperation ever go wrong??? It's a coming of age story like no other, mixing the ageless hard lessons of growing up with Smosh-style comedy of today.
Rating: Teen +
Cover A: Marc Laming
UPC: 725130247513 05011
Cover B: Jonathan Lau
UPC: 725130247513 05021
Cover C Subscription: Colton Worley
UPC: 725130247513 05031
Writer: Ben Acker, Heath Corson
Art: Dan McDaid
Genre: Superhero, Science Fiction
Publication Date: September 2016
Format: Comic Book
Page Count: 32 pages
FLASH GORDON, THE PHANTOM, MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN, PRINCE VALIANT & JUNGLE JIM ARE GOING TO DIE!!!!! (unless they act super-heroic and defeat every flying space monster and evil laser-wielding foot soldier in the galaxy)
NOTE: KINGS QUEST #5 Cover C Worley Subscription is only available to comic shop subscribers and limited to initial orders.
Rating: Mature
Cover: Gerardo Fuentes Jr., Mike Guerena
Writer: Waco O'Guin, Roger Black
Art: Frank Forte
Genre: Comedy, Media Tie-in
Publication Date: September 2016
Format: Comic Book
Page Count: 32 pages
UPC: 725130249166 03011
Future Steve's pursuit of Woody Johnson continues across time and space. Malloy has joined forces with Future Steve to eradicate Woody from existence. In typical Malloy fashion, he is calling the shots now. Woody is on the run with his dips#%t defender, Future Bobby. Written by Brickleberry co-creators Waco O'Guin and Roger Black.
Rating: Teen +
Cover: Photo Cover
Writer: Marc Gaffen, Kyle McVey, David Greenwalt, Jim Kouf, Jai Nitz
Art: Jose Malaga, Rod Rodolfo, Daniel Govar
Publication Date: September 2016
Format: Softcover
Page Count: 496 pages
Welcome to the world of Grimm, the acclaimed NBC series now expanded to original, in-continuity comics! Written by show creators David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf, plus show writers Marc Gaffen and Kyle McVey, the entire 2013-2014 Grimm comic book series is collected in this massive Omnibus Edition, assembled for the first time alongside the Portland, Wu one-shot special and The Warlock miniseries (by Bram Stoker Award-winning author Jai Nitz)!
Homicide detectives Nick Burkhardt and Hank Griffin must maintain order on the streets of Portland... which is no easy feat, as secret societies of mythological creatures known as Wesen threaten the balance of peace and power! Whether journeying to Europe in pursuit of the fabled Coins of Zakynthos, getting drawn into the personal vendetta of a madman, racing to save a missing girl with Wesen connections, or facing a seemingly invincible Warlock, the detectives -- joined by the wolf-like Monroe and Sergeant Drew Wu -- face all-new threats and uncover secrets unexplored in the television series itself!
* Gives me a Grimm fix even when the show is on hiatus! - Major Spoilers
* Monsters, exotic locales, terrific heroes, great dialogue, and one perfect story that fits it all together perfectly! New fan or old, you'll be a fan of Grimm with this book! - SciFi Pulse
* A great addition to the TV show! - Unleash The Fanboy
* For fans of Grimm, this is an excellent addition to your understanding of the characters and the canon of the show. - ComicWow!
ISBN-13: 978-1-5241-0076-6
Rating: Teen +
Cover: N/A
Writer: N/A
Art: Jason Smith (sculptor), Frank Cho (basis for sculpture)
Genre: Fantasy
Publication Date: October 2016
Page Count: N/A
UPC: 725130240668
Only 99 of these beautiful black-and-white statues exist in the whole world! An extremely Limited Edition Jungle Girl statue based on the work of comics sensation Frank Cho and sculpted by the ever-talented Jason Smith, featuring Jana in all her primal glory. Hand-painted on cold-cast porcelain, the Jungle Girl statue stands approximately 12 in height with a 6 base. This rare variant edition of the Women of Dynamite: Jungle Girl statue comes packaged in a four-color box with a hand-numbered Certificate of Authenticity. The jungle has never been hotter, thanks to this captivating statue!
NOTE: Limited to only 99 statues. Allocations may occur.
Rating: Teen +
Cover: Joseph Michael Linsner
Writer: Joseph Michael Linsner
Art: Joseph Michael Linsner
Publication Date: July 2016 (Advance Solicited)
Format: Hardcover
Page Count: 144 pages
ON SALE DATE: 7/20 (Advance Solicited)
A special signed edition, featuring a foil logo and a signature plate autographed by Joseph Michael Linsner! The celebrated creator of Dawn writes and illustrates the first-ever crossover event for his beloved goddess, teaming her -- and pitting her against -- horror icon Vampirella! When the silver-tongued demon Masodik kidnaps these beautiful, powerful women, he demands that the two engage in a catfight to prove which is best suited as his new paramour. The ladies suggest to combat in a more sophisticated and feminine way: by engaging in a storytelling contest. Together, Dawn and Vampirella take us on a journey to the bloody shores of Drakulon, post-apocalyptic New York, and worlds beyond imagination. Ultimately, they know that they must join forces to overcome him... but what common ground can be found between goddess and vampire? Features an all-new introduction and never-before-seen bonus material by Joseph Michael Linsner, plus an afterword by Kristina Deak-Linsner.
* The marriage of these two characters is perfect and well overdue. - Geek Sushi
* Two great things, blended together, with the right writer and artist. - Fandom Post
* Unique and engaging visuals. - Unleash the Fanboy
* By nesting problems and puzzles in the layers of his writing, Linsner is creating a greater depth in his story and inspiring the readers not only to keep up with the action/horror story, but to understand the subtext and symbolism as well. - ComicWow!
* Amazing visuals. - Comics for Sinners
Quite a guilty pleasure. - Comic Bastards
ISBN-13: 978-1-52410-107-7


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