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Rating: Teen +
Cover A: Tula Lotay
UPC: 725130267375 01011
Cover B: Marguerite Sauvage
UPC: 725130267375 01021
Cover C: Annie Wu
UPC: 725130267375 01031
Cover D Subscription: Jenn St-Onge
UPC: 725130267375 01041
Writer: Kelly Thompson
Art: Jenn St-Onge
Genre: Mystery
Publication Date: June 2018
Format: Comic Book
Page Count: 32 Pages
ON SALE DATE: 6/13/2018
Nancy Drew is seventeen and good at everything...ESPECIALLY solving crimes. But her totally-in-control-and-obviously-running-perfectly-smooth-(but-not-really) life hits a snag when a mysterious message drags her back to the hometown she left behind. There she'll have to find out which of her friends are still her friends, which are enemies, and who exactly is trying to kill her...and (hopefully) stop them before they succeed. KELLY THOMPSON (Hawkeye, Star Wars, Rogue & Gambit) and JENN ST-ONGE (Giant Days, The Misfits) team up to present an all-new modern spin on a classic mystery icon!

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