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BY JAMES KUHORIC AND KEVIN SHARPE; COVERS BY: NICK BRADSHAW (25%), KEVIN SHARPE (25%), PABLO MARCOS (25%) AND MATT SMITH (25%)! Returned from the past Ash finds New York City has been turned into a giant nightclub for the walking dead. Traveling through the streets of "New Transylvania," Ash and Eva must find the fiends responsible for turning NYC into the undead capital of the world and reverse the damage before the curse spreads to the entire world! As the Chosen One and Daughter of the Dead face the collected might of the monsters, Dracula initiates his ultimate endgame. Using the mysterious holy artifact Dracula recit's the ritual to become immortal and tries out the extent of his newly found godhood on a not so immortal Ash Williams. With an unexpected patchwork ally and a mysterious cursed girl with an infamous bloodline at his side, Ash must find a way to kill a monster that's already dead but can't be killed. Huh? Just past the double barrel boom stick and chainsaw, baby. We'll see if Count Suck-ula can still brag about his immortal mojo when he's been taken down like an all you can eat buffet dinner at a sumo convention! The ultimate horror showdown concludes as Ash faces off with Dracula in the battle to end all battles! BE SURE TO ASK YOUR LOCAL RETAILER ABOUT THE VIRGIN KEVIN SHARPE COVER! BE SURE TO ASK YOUR LOCAL RETAILER ABOUT THE NICK BRADSHAW NEGATIVE ART COVER AT REGULAR WHOLESALE PRICE!

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