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WAREHOUSE 13 #1 (OF 5)

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SKU: C725130175663
Rating: Teen +
Covers: Ben Morse (50%), Photo Cover (50%)
Writer: Ben Raab & Deric A. Hughes
Artist: Ben Morse
Genre: Media Tie-In, Sci-Fi
Awards: N/A
Publication Date: August 2011
Format: Comic Book
Page Count: 32 pages
Rights: WW
Age range: 16+
UPC: 725130175663
Enter a world of endless wonder as Syfy's smash-hit dramedy makes its comic book debut! When a series of sudden, unexplained sinkholes appear beneath the streets of Rio de Janeiro, the Warehouse team heads down to Brazil in the middle of Carnival to uncover the cause. What they discover is that someone is using an ancient artifact to move massive chunks of earth and mine huge, underground gold deposits. With the ground becoming increasingly unstable, our heroes find themselves in a race to retrieve the artifact before the entire city collapses! Written by the writers of WAREHOUSE 13, this thrilling 5-issue action-adventure/mystery series promises to snag, bag and tag fans of the show and new readers alike!

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