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OBEY ME #4 (OF 5)

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SKU: C72513027853104011
Rating: Mature
Cover A: Ben Herrera
UPC: 725130278531 04011
Writer: Mario Mentasti
Art: Ben Herrera and Emmanuel Ordaz Torres
Genre: Action Adventure
Format: Comic Book
Page Count: 32 Pages
ON SALE DATE: 7/3/2019
Vanessa and Monty were sent to investigate the disappearance of a researcher that was working for their boss on a mysterious project. Upon their arrival to the researchers' private quarters, they were suddenly assaulted by a group called the Crusaders, servants of the Angels looking for the lost Saint. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them they're being watched closely by the Iron Eagle Mercenaries, a group that they've encountered earlier, who seem to have some connection to the missing associate of Ammon.

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