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SKU: C72513034120401011
Rating: Teen+
Cover A: Lucio Parrillo
UPC: 72513034120466011
Cover B: Felipe Massafera
UPC: 72513034120401021
Cover C: Carla Cohen
UPC: 72513034120401031
Cover D: Cosplay/Rachel Hollon
UPC: 72513034120401041
Cover E: Lucio Parrillo FOIL - $9.99
UPC: 72513034120401051
Cover F: Felipe Massafera FOIL - $9.99
UPC: 72513034120401061
UPC: 72513034120401071
Writer: Christopher Priest
Artist: Ergun Gunduz
Genre: Horror
Publication Date: February, 2024
Format: Comic Book
Page Count: 40
ON SALE DATE: 2/7/2024
To celebrate the start of Vampirella's sixth decade in comics, CHRISTOPHER PRIEST and ERGUN GUNDUZ continue their legendary run on the series with a mind-bending new story that launches with the landmark issue #666 - restoring the legacy numbering for the title that will continue going forward, reflecting all of Vampi's previous appearances in print. The road to #700 starts here!
This explosive tale opens with a bang as Vampirella is murdered by a mysterious blonde woman who looks exactly like her - only to awaken, alive again and surrounded by her husband, friends, and pseudo-superhero mom Lilith. All seems normal and right with the world, except for her nagging suspicion that none of it actually is - and the fact that she keeps being murdered, over and over, by that strange blonde! Strap in for our weirdest yarn yet as "Beyond" takes everyone's favorite space vampire into a whole new world - one that she herself may have created!
Featuring jaw-dropping cover art by LUCIO PARRILLO, FELIPE MASSAFERA, CARLA COHEN, ERGUN GUNDUZ, and RACHEL HOLLON cosplay, this milestone 40-page issue also includes "Sanctuary," Priest's classic 6-page wordless story from 1999's Vampirella Monthly #19, illustrated by ALAN DAVIS!

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