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BY JOHN LAYMAN AND FABIANO NEVES (1ST ISSUE COLORED BY RICHARD ISANOVE); COVER ART BY BILLY TAN (50%), FABIANO NEVES (25%) AND PHOTO COVER (25%)! Xena's back and Dynamite's got her! This month, Dynamite launches a special Xena event, featuring writer John (Red Sonja/Claw) Layman and artist Fabiano Neves! Issue #1 covers featuring great creators and a photo of the leading lady herself - one by Billy Tan with colorist Peter Steigerwald, one by interior artist Fabiano Neves and the other a photo cover of the stunning Lucy Lawless - Xena and her well-loved cast of friends and villains get in between a feud that reaches all the way up to the heavens as they fight in the "Contest of Pantheons" featuring Xena, Gabriele, Joxer, Autolycus and the return of Callisto! As part of this special launch, Dynamite is ensuring ON-TIME Delivery, with a special offer that guarantees the first issue to ship on time or it's FREE to retailers (RETAILERS: check with Diamond Customer Service for more details)! BE SURE TO ASK YOUR LOCAL RETAILER ABOUT THE XENA #1 BILLY TAN SKETCH COVER! BE SURE TO ASK YOUR LOCAL RETAILER ABOUT THE XENA #1 BILLY TAN ART NEGATIVE ART COVER! ALSO AVAILABLE XENA #1 PHOTO FOIL COVER AT THE MSRP OF $19.99 EACH!

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