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Past Press Releases

1. It's The Boys vs. The Girls on Humble Bundle!

2. Once Upon a Time... Red Sonja, Vampirella, Dejah Thoris in Fairy Tales

3. Lady Hel Rises For Her New Series!

4. James Bond & the Mysterious Myrmidon by Phillip Kennedy Johnson

5. The Boys' Most Controversial Storyline Available as NFT

6. Vampi Strikes & Sitha Slashes in NFTs

7. Celebrate Star Wars May the 4th on Indiegogo!

8. Vampirella Takes on the Scarlet Legion in NFT Form

9. Adam Philips Joins Dynamite Team

10. YA Graphic Novel Thunderous Comes to Indiegogo

11. The Madballs & Garbage Pail Kids Clash

12. Meet the Legion of Forgettable Supervillains!

13. John Carter Jumps Into the World of NFTs

14. Savage Tales of Red Sonja & Vampi Unleashed

15. Army of Darkness vs. Reanimator: The Rematch!

16. Scarlet Sisters Starring Masquerade Coming Soon!

17. Vampirella's Year One Explored by Christopher Priest

18. Immortal Red Sonja Slashes Into NFTs

19. Project Superpowers Storm the NFT World

20. Red Sonja & Vampirella NFTs Available Now

21. Sherlock Holmes & The Vampiverse as NFTs

22. Could This Be the Death of Elvira..?!

23. Could This Be the Death of Elvira..?!

24. Death-Defying 'Devil & Red Sonja NFTs Out

25. Dynamite's First PAW PATROL Book!

26. Dive Deeper Into the Vampiverse With The Vamp!

27. The Boys Bring It Home With Third Hardcover Omnibus

28. Sonja Learns the Way of the Samurai!

29. Four Fantastic NFT Releases

30. Purgatori Bites Into NFTs

31. Red Sonja's Adopted Daughter Red Sitha Breaks Out!

32. Elvira Tries to Escape the Multiverse of Movies!

33. Join Baldwin's Big Adventure This May

34. The Boys Are Back With Second Omnibus Plus Script Book

35. Vampirella Strikes Back Against the Post-Apocalypse

36. Bite Into a Huge Vampirella Humble Bundle!

37. New YA Graphic Novel THUNDEROUS by ML Smoker

38. The Greatest NFT Adventure!

39. Red Sonja Meets Counterpoint Comics' Battle Fairy!

40. Brandon Sanderson's WHITE SAND All in One Deluxe Book!

41. Enter the NFT Battlefields!

42. Dynamite & Phil Foglio Team Up!

43. Purgatori's New NFT Adventure

44. Red Sonja Fights the Green Knight With Dan Abnett

45. Dynamite's Introductory Deal Books Coming in April

46. Project Superpowers vs a Fractured Future in New Series

47. Can John Carter Survive as Earth & Mars Merge?

48. The Boys Go Super-Sized in 15th Anniversary Hardcovers!

49. Vampirella & Dracula's Second Chapter as an NFT

50. NFT Super Drops from Dynamite

51. Pantha Claws Into the NFT Space

52. Meet Karma - A Sensual New Erotic Graphic Novel

53. Grand Finale of Vengeance of Vampirella in NFT Form

54. Celebrate the Holidays With Vampirella & Red Sonja NFTs

55. Vampirella Lives as an NFT!

56. Jennifer Blood's "Blood Debt" Comes Due

57. Bettie Page Uncovers Ancient Alien Secrets

58. Die!namite Never Dies - Next Chapter in Zombie Crossover!

59. Vampirella & Dracula Honeymoon in NFT Town

60. Red Sonja NFT Extravaganza Today!

61. Purgatori Swings into NFT Comics

62. Tyler Kirkham's Angelic Vampirella Exclusive

63. The Boys #4 & Jennifer Blood's Origin Come to Terra Virtua

64. Evil Ernie Slices Into NFTs!

65. Black Friday Debut - Project Superpowers & Dejah Thoris NFT Collectibles

66. Jennifer Blood Brings the Action to NFTs

67. Vampirella & Comic Art Fans Celebrate the Art Form

68. Evil Ernie #1 Slices Through 30,000 Sold!

69. Valentine's Day Celebrated With Vampirella & Red Sonja

70. Vampirella's Sister DRACULINA Breaks Out!

71. Nyx #1 & Vampirella #25 NFT Editions Available Now

72. Terra Virtua Completes Gail Simone's Red Sonja

73. Sheena Swings Into NFTs

74. Dynamite Heats Up With Humble Bundle Early for the Holidays

75. The Boys Are Back in NFT Town for Volume 3

76. The Ultimate Crossover Collectible - Dan Jurgens & Comics With Bueller

77. Todd McFarlane's Famous ASM #300 Homaged With FOC Variants

78. Dracula Enters the World of NFTs

79. Reanimator & Warlord of Mars - NFT Double-Debut from Terra Virtua for Halloween

80. Terra Virtua Debuts Vampirella Vol 2!

81. Pantha Claws Into Her Own Series!

82. Vampirella #25 Soars in Sales for the Finale! Nyx #1 Too!

83. Jim Butcher Returns The Dresden Files... With Bigfoot!

84. Hell Sonja Rises From the Depths This January!

85. Stanley "Artgerm" Lau Returns to Vampirella!

86. Red Sonja Returns to Terra Virtua!

87. Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow Art Book on Indiegogo!

88. Kowabunga! Celebrate Half-Shell History with FOC Homage Variants

89. 1 of 1 Auction! George Perez Red Sonja NFT

90. The Boys Are Back on Terra Virtua!

91. Cosplay Star Ani-Mia Channels Bettie Page in Special

92. Gail Simone & Walter Geovani's Red Sonja Run Celebrated!

93. Humble Bundle Debuts James Bond Deals!

94. Dynamite's NFT Releases Selling Out

95. The Boys NFT Comic & Graphic Novel Collectibles Available Now!

96. Evil Ernie Slashes Through the Snow With Scott Lobdell!

97. Evil Rises in Priest's Vampirella/Dracula: Unholy

98. Tony Fleecs & Trish Forstner Brings Dogs to Dynamite!

99. Mirka Andolfo's RED SONJA #1 Back to Press With #2 FOC

100. Mirka Andolfo's RED SONJA #1 Sells Out

101. Dynamite Teams With Terra Virtua for NFT Collectibles

102. Pressable Defects Debut Vampirella Variant

103. Vampirella Character Nyx Stars in New Series!

104. Vampirella & Red Sonja Celebrate the Holidays in Specials

105. Vampirella's Wedding Gets Bigger!

106. Sheena Queen of the Jungle Swings Into New Series!

107. Ani-Mia Stars on Exclusive Vampirella Cosplay Cover

108. October 2021 Solicitations

109. Elvira Faces THE WRATH OF CON on Kickstarter!

110. Gail Simone & Walter Geovani's Red Sonja Run Celebrated!

111. Dynamite's 2021 San Diego Comic Con @ Home Panels

112. Gem Mint's Big Box & Beautiful Bettie Page Available Now!

113. Dynamite Partners With Sanrio & Hysteric Glamour for Limited Edition Clothing

114. Purgatori Cranks Up the Chaos in Solo Series!

115. James Bond Returns in "Himeros" by Rodney Barnes

116. Children's Book Saved by a Whisker Coming Soon!

117. Jennifer Blood Takes on a Whole Town of Mobsters!

118. Vampirella #25 Marks the Wedding of the Century!

119. September 2021 Solicitations

120. Elvira and Vincent Price Meet in New Comic & Exclusive on Indiegogo!

121. Thousands of Vampirellas Abound in New Series Vampiverse!

122. Ash is Back in ARMY OF DARKNESS 1979!

123. Red Sonja Returns With Worldwide Superstar Mirka Andolfo!

124. Curiosity Ink Media Partners With Dynamite Entertainment for Kids Titles

125. Arthur Adams & Joyce Chin Celebrate Red Sonja on Indiegogo!

126. Marat Mychaels Crosses Over Vampirella & Prey for the Sinner!

127. August 2021 Solicitations for Dynamite Entertainment

128. Elvira & Vincent Price Team Up on a Comic Book Adventure!

129. Can KISS Survive the Phantom Obsession in New Series?

130. Prestige Red Sonja Series Enlists Gail Simone, Phillip Kennedy Johnson, David F. Walker & More!

131. Elvira's Big Sexy Collection Campaign Ends Soon!

132. Star Wars Celebration Launches on Indiegogo!

133. Batman/Fortnite Comics Offered by Dynamic Forces on Indiegogo!

134. Pathfinder Fumbus Kickstarter Adds 3 New Pledges!

135. July 2021 Solicitations for Dynamite Entertainment

136. Barbarella Finds Love & Mystery in Spacefaring Adventure

137. Sonjaversal Expands Even More Due to Fan Demand!

138. Dejah Thoris & John Carter Reunited in New Series!

139. Red Sonja's Most Prestigious Series Ever! Kurt Busiek, Amanda Deibert, Mark Russell & More

140. VERY GARY COMICS Debuts His Red Sonja Exclusive

141. New Pathfinder Comic Comes to Kickstarter!

142. Elvira's Lost Tales Rise from the Grave!

143. Max Bemis Takes Vampirella Back to the Extreme & Cerebral 1990s!

144. Fan-Favorite Red Sonja Writer Returns for 1980s One-Shot

145. Stephen Mooney Takes Bettie Page Tomb Raiding in Ireland!

146. New Heroes & Villains Rise in DIE!NAMITE Lives!

147. Gem Mint's New Red Sonja Collab Debuts a New Artist!

148. The Art of Goosebumps Showcases the Bestselling Series' Iconic Images

149. Vampirella Returns to the Silver Screen!

150. JG Jones Debuts Charity Vampirella Comic

151. May 2021 Solicitations for Dynamite Entertainment

152. Dynamite Adds One More WIth Vince Letterio!

153. Dynamite Donates $10,000 to BINC in Support of Retailers

154. Dynamite Enlists Jim Sokolowski & More

155. Red Sonja Slashes Out In New Series From Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti!

156. Bettie Page is Raiding Tombs in New Kickstarter Exclusive!

157. Vampirella & Dawn Busts By Joseph Michael Linsner Debut!

158. Amanda Conner's Exclusive Vampirella Comic Book!

159. Dystopian Sci-Fi Graphic Novel Myopia Coming This May!

160. Classic Film Sky Captain Celebrated in New Art Book

161. Dynamite Celebrates the Inauguration With Exclusive Comics!

162. Cullen Bunn's New Reanimator Comic Taps Into Lovecraft's Cthulhu Lore

163. Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan Returns to Shelves in 2021!

164. Vampiric Vixens Clash in Vampirella vs. Purgatori

165. Red Sonja #25 Celebrates the Character's Past & Future!

166. James Bond is Allied With Archnemesis in New Series!

167. Dynamite Books Celebrates First Anniversary With 50% Off!

168. Gem Mint Collectibles Teams With Dynamite For His First Exclusive!

169. Greg Hildebrandt Homages His Iconic Star Wars Painting With Red Sonja

170. Vampirella & Red Sonja Celebrate Valentine's Day in 2021

171. Sonjaversal Brings an Infinite Number of Sonja's Together

172. David Finch Brings His Legendary Talents to Red Sonja!

173. Magical Metal Covers for Thanksgiving & Black Friday

174. Dynamite Extends Returnability Through the End of the Year

175. National Cat Day - Learn the Emotional Story of a Rescued Cat in New Children's Book on Indiegogo

176. Red Sonja's Powers Are Unleashed Against Superheroes in 2021!

177. Vampirella & Fiends Celebrate the Season on Groupees

178. Dynamite's Heroes Are In the Mood for Love in DIE!NAMITE Special

179. Elvira Writes Her Own Comic Book for Halloween! [?]

180. Dynamite Celebrates Spooktober With Metal Covers & Artgerm Vampi Statues!

181. Dynamite's Returnability Extended Through November

182. Red Sonja's Earliest Adventures Explored in The Price of Blood

183. Vampirella Tries Out for Project Superpowers in New Series!

184. Vampirella Tries Out for Project Superpowers in New Series!

185. Jim Balent & Holly Golightly Bring Exclusive Dynamite Comics to Indiegogo!

186. Dynamite Upgrades Cover Stock Paper Quality!

187. Art of Vampirella Volume 2 Beautifully Presents the Heroine's Legacy

188. Christopher Priest's Vampirella Kicks Off Year Two With New Arc!

189. Neck Gaiter Masks Bring Dynamite's Biggest Character To Your Face!

190. Dynamite Celebrates Record Sales & Extends Returnable Titles

191. All of October's Hottest Dynamite Collectibles on Indiegogo Now!

192. The Boys (And The Supes) Come to Humble Bundle In Time for Season 2!

193. Virgin Covers of The Boys Key Issues Available on Kickstarter Now!

194. No One is Safe in Zombie Crossover DIE!NAMITE!

195. Returnability From Dynamite Extends Through September

196. Dynamite Offers Deep Discounts for Retailers This Fall/Holiday Season

197. The Dark Knight Saluted With Dynamite's October Variants!

198. Lucio Parrillo Brings a Seductive Red Sonja to Indiegogo!

199. Vampirella #15 Delivers a Spooky Scary Jumping-On Point

200. Statement from Dynamite - July 29, 2020

201. Dynamite's San Diego Comic Con @ Home Panels Revealed!

202. Dynamite Extends Returnable Titles Through August for Retailers

203. Frank Cho & Red Sonja Invade Indiegogo! Exclusives & CGC!

204. Mark Russell's Red Sonja Enters New Arc & Comes Full Circle!

205. Mark Russell's Red Sonja Enters New Arc & Comes Full Circle!

206. Streaming & Comics Sensation THE BOYS Comes To Novels!

207. Mindy Wheeler Brings a Vivacious Vampirella To Indiegogo!

208. Meet Vampirella's Newest Foe in Bill Willingham-Penned Special!

209. Dynamite Takes Things to the Extreme With Rob Liefeld Homages!

210. Dynamite Celebrates Independence Day With 3 Special Variants!

211. Mars Attacks Red Sonja & All of Hyrkania in New Series!

212. Dynamite Shifts July 1 Releases

213. Miss Fury Graphic Novel by Billy Tucci Launches on Indiegogo with Maria Laura Sanapo, Ceci de la Cruz & Mindy Lopkin!

214. Chaos! Sketch Cards Bring the Horror to Kickstarter!

215. Lucio Parrillo Joins Billy Tucci to Talk Vampirella & More!

216. Dynamite Joins Fanatical for BundleFest!

217. Lucio Parrillo's Exclusive Vampirella Cover Available Now!

218. Over a Month of Free Comics From Dynamite - More Added!

219. Dynamite & Groupees Launch Greatest Hits Bundle Supporting Coronavirus Relief

220. Dynamite Launches Even More ComiXology Freebies!

221. Dynamite's Books to Cure Boredom Launches on Indiegogo!

222. SURPRISE! Dynamite Mystery Boxes Available Now!

223. Frank Cho's Iconic Red Sonja Brought to Kickstarter!

224. Dynamite Launches Even More ComiXology Freebies!

225. Anna aka "That Star Wars Girl's" First Ever Comic Book Cover!

226. FREE Dynamite First Issues Wave 3!

227. More Free #1s From Dynamite & ComiXology!

228. Dynamite Entertainment Pauses Digital & Book Market Releases

229. Art Thibert Celebrates Dual Anniversaries With Vampirella/Black & White on Indiegogo!

230. Dynamite & Humble Bundle Invite Fans to Binge on Bond!

231. Dynamite & ComiXology Offering Free First Issues During COVID-19 Quarantine

232. Two Vampirella Graphic Novels Heat Up the Summer in June!

233. The Green Hornet Strikes In New Series By Scott Lobdell!

234. Bettie Page Returns in New Series from Karla Pacheco

235. Hit Novel Series SEAL TEAM SIX: NO MORE Returns!

236. May 2020 Solicitations for Dynamite Entertainment

237. Dynamite and Juan Gedeon Tip Their Hats to Jim Lee With Homage Variants!

238. Christopher Priest's Redefining Run on Vampirella Collected!

239. Sacred Six Expands Christopher Priest's Vampirella Universe!

240. April 2020 Solicitations for Dynamite Entertainment

241. A Legendary Spanish Artist Celebrated in New Dynamite Art Book!

242. Todd McFarlane is Tributed With Variants in April from Dynamite!

243. The Boys Returns to Comics!

244. Nancy Drew Is Dead in New Comic Series!

245. March 2020 Solicitations for Dynamite Entertainment

246. Repairman Jack Graphic Novel by F. Paul Wilson Coming in March

247. A Zombie Infection Spreads to Dynamite's March Variant Covers!

248. Red Sonja Dies in New Companion Miniseries! Or Does She..?

249. Dynamite Launches New Imprint for Prose Novels - Dynamite Books!

250. Artgerm's Acetate Vampirella Cover Sold Out! Plus a Holiday Thank You Gift From Dynamite To Retailers

251. February 2020 Solicitations for Dynamite Entertainment

252. James Bond Plunges Into a 128 Page Case in February Original Graphic Novel

253. Vampirella's 50th Anniversary Celebrated in Deluxe Art Book

254. Red Sonja by Mark Russell Marches On To Year Two!

255. Christopher Priest Celebrates Black History Month With Vampirella

256. Dynamite Celebrates Valentine's Day With Special Variant Covers!

257. Warren Ellis' James Bond Reprinted in 2 Fun Ways!

258. Ash Williamses Abound in New Army of Darkness Series!

259. Fallout Trading Cards Come to Kickstarter!

260. Joseph Linsner Partners With Dynamite for Exclusive Vampirella Cover on Indiegogo!

261. Dynamite's 15th Anniversary Celebrated With Humble Bundle!

262. January 2020 Solicitations for Dynamite Entertainment

263. This Week's VENGEANCE OF VAMPIRELLA Sells Over 63,000 Copies!

264. Vampirella Fans Can Now Get Shirts, Sweatshirts, Phone Cases & More!

265. Join The Boys with Apparel Options from Dynamite!

266. The Boys Omnibuses Sell 150,000 Copies & Finish Publishing!

267. Vampirella Collectibles Unleashed by Dynamite For the Holiday Season!

268. Artgerm Returns to Vampirella & the Front of Previews!

269. George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones Returns to Comics!

270. Red Sonja Against the Hordes of Hell in Chaos! Crossover

271. Dejah Thoris Series by Dan Abnett Coming in December!

272. James Bond Returns in New Series by Ayala & Lore!


274. November 2019 Solicitations for Dynamite Entertainment

275. Dynamite & Joseph Michael Linsner Tease Upcoming Dawn 30th Anniversary Celebration!

276. Dynamite Unleashing The Boys Collectibles for the Holidays!

277. Mark Russell's Red Sonja Collected for the First Time!

278. Collect Vampirella Coins Featuring Top Artists!

279. Pierce Brown's Red Rising Vol 2 Coming from Dynamite in November!

280. Only KISS Can Defeat Zombies in New Series by Ethan Sacks!

281. Billy Tucci Launches Exclusive Vampirella #1 Cover on Indiegogo!

282. Vampirella #1 Lands in Top 10 for July 2019!

283. Vampirella Fan Art Winner Announced & Continues Each Month!

284. Dynamite Entertainment October 2019 Solicitations

285. Queen Sonja Series Reprinted In Omnibus Volumes!

286. Red Sonja & Bettie Page Celebrate Halloween With Dynamite!

287. The Boys Humble Bundle Extended! Don't Miss It!

288. Vampirella Poster Book Lets Fans Enjoy Top Artists!

289. Dynamite & Archie Crossover Extended!

290. F. Paul Wilson's Writing Original Repairman Jack Graphic Novel!

291. Collect Vampirella Coins Featuring Top Artists!

292. Dynamite's San Diego Comic Con 2019 Plans!

293. Black Terror Returns with Max Bemis!


295. Artgerm's Vampirella Brought to Life & Another Cover!

296. Lucio Parrillo's Breathtaking Dynamite Covers Showcased in Art Book!

297. Dynamite Signs Tom Sniegoski to Vengeance of Vampirella Series! Picking Up From Iconic 1990s Story!

298. Binge on Dynamite's The Boys Before the Show With Humble Bundle!

299. Dynamite Adapting James Bond: Live and Let Die to Original Graphic Novel

300. Dynamite Celebrates 25 Years of CHAOS! With Deluxe Trading Cards!

301. Get Your Art Published in Vampirella! Fan Art Contest!

302. Frank Thorne's Red Sonja Immortalized with New Statue!

303. Dynamite Prints Over 130,000 Copies of VAMPIRELLA #1!

304. Dynamite Entertainment September 2019 Solicitations

305. Dynamite Releases Vampirella Tarot Pins!

306. Dynamite Produces Licensed Collectible Coins!

307. Chastity Bites Back in New Series by Leah Williams

308. Red Sonja Frank Thorne Statue Launches on Indiegogo

309. Gail Simone's Red Sonja Run Reprinted in Hardcover Omnibus!

310. Kieron Gillen's Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt Gets Deluxe Collection!

311. Jordie Bellaire Writes Vampirella & Red Sonja In Historic First Ongoing Series!

312. Dynamite's Vampirella #1 Blasts Through Sales Expectations

313. Dynamite's Vampirella #1 Blasts Through Sales Expectations

314. Dynamite Entertainment August 2019 Solicitations

315. Bettie Page's Beauty Inspires Sketch Artists & Jerry Lawler on Kickstarter!

316. Create Your Own Vampirella Comic with Special Blank Edition in July!

317. Dynamite Embarks to Diamond Retailers Summit & Brings Goodies!

318. Dynamite & Gail Simone Return The Death-Defying 'Devil in New Series!

319. Jose Gonzalez's Iconic Vampirella Honored with Statue on Kickstarter

320. Joyce Chin Charity Lithograph Produced by Dynamite

321. Dynamite Entertainment July 2019 Solicitations

322. Sheena Swings into Fans' Collections With J. Scott Campbell Statue

323. Dynamite Reunites Russel & Q for Red Sonja One-Shot & Upcoming Arc

324. Spy vs Spies in Charlie's Angels/Bionic Woman

325. Celebrate 50 Years of Vampirella Art with Sketch Cards Kickstarter

326. Dynamite Celebrates Vampirella's 50th Anniversary with New Series!

327. Sheena Statue Kickstarter Adds New Stretch Goal & Rewards!

328. Sheena Swings Onto Kickstarter with J. Scott Campbell Statue

329. Dynamite Entertainment June 2019 Solicitations

330. Dynamite Entertainment May 2019 Solicitations

331. Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere Epic Continues in June

332. Cosplay Women of Dynamite Trading Cards Celebrate Two Art Forms!

333. PR Richard K. Morgan's Altered Carbon Comes to Graphic Novels!

334. Dynamite & Playboy Present Exclusive Vampirella Story

335. Sweet Valley High Adds First Ever Graphic Novel to 400+ Book Franchise!

336. Nancy Drew & the Hardy Boys Team Up in New All-Ages OGN

337. Witness the Early Years of Red Sonja in New Miniseries

338. Martian vs. Martian in Warlord of Mars Attacks!

339. Mark Russell Reunites with Bob Q on Red Sonja

340. Dynamite Entertainment May 2019 Solicitations

341. Dynamite & Archie Come Together for Enamel Pins!

342. Riverdale's Leading Ladies Meet the Women of Dynamite!

343. Dynamite Swings With Two Stunning Statues for May

344. Cosplayers & Sketch Artists Celebrated in Dynamite Trading Cards Kickstarter

345. Dynamite Entertainment April 2019 Solicitations

346. Bettie Page Gets Unbound This April!

347. KISS Rocks on Until The End!

348. Vita Ayala Brings XENA Charging Back to Comics!

349. Biggest Dynamite Humble Bundle Ever!

350. Red Sonja Unleashes Her Seduction Covers!

351. Dynamite Entertainment March 2019 Solicitations

352. Upcoming Indie Video Game Obey Me Gets Comic Book

353. Dynamite Brings the Pathfinder Palooza This March

354. Art of Dejah Thoris Returns with a Second Stunning Volume

355. Bettie Page: The Dynamite Covers Coming in March

356. Garth Ennis' Jennifer Blood Gets the Omnibus Treatment This March

357. Artist Ibrahim Moustafa Enlists for James Bond Origin

358. Christopher Hastings & David Hahn Launch New Six Million Dollar Man Series

359. Christopher Hastings & David Hahn Launch New Six Million Dollar Man Series

360. Dynamite Offers Final Groupees Build-a-Bundle for the Year!

361. Celebrate 100 Years of Dejah Thoris with Trading Card Kickstarter

362. Dynamite Delivers The Boys Omnibus Publishing Schedule!

363. Dynamite Enlists Michael Moreci for Battlestar Galactica Series!

364. Russell and Colak Reawaken Red Sonja!

365. Dynamite Offers Fall Horror Bundle Just in Time for Halloween!

366. Lloyd Kaufman Book Tour for ART OF TROMA Published by Dynamite

367. Dynamite Launches Kickstarter for First Pathfinder Resin Statue Today!

368. PR Dynamite Launches Exclusive Giclee Print Program!

369. PR Dynamite Debuts "Red Sonja" Original Graphic Novel by Eisner Hall-of-Fame's Roy Thomas

370. PR Barbarella Headed For Holiday Special!

371. PR Dynamite Lands U.S. on Mars with Barbarella/Dejah Thoris!

372. PR David Avallone Sets Sights On London For Bettie Page

373. PR Dynamite Signs Kieron Gillen For Return of Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt!

374. PR Elvira Gets Hollyweird in New Series!

375. PR Tim Seeley Delivers Mayhem With Hack/Slash vs. Chaos!

376. PR Red Sonja Holiday Special Arrives December!

377. PR Dynamite Signs Ron Marz For Return of Turok!

378. Dynamite PR Vampirella vs. ReAnimator!

379. Dynamite Lands U.S. on Mars with Barbarella/Dejah Thoris!

380. Barbarella Headed For Holiday Special!

381. Dynamite's Red Sonja 45th Anniversary Deluxe Premium Trading Card Set Sold Out!

382. Dynamite Entertainment Offers Limited Darick Robertson Signed Editions of The Boys!

383. Dynamite Unboxes Fallout Collector's Trading Cards!

384. Mars Attacks! Invades Comic Shops This October

385. John Jackson Miller Pens Battlestar Galactica 40th Anniversary Series

386. Dynamite Delivers Darkness With Five Halloween One-Shot Comics!

387. Dynamite Signs Billy Tucci For "Miss Fury" Ongoing Comic!

388. Rainbow Brite Shines Bright At Dynamite!

389. Revised: Dynamite Signs Bryan Hill to Launch New KISS Ongoing Series! - More Images!

390. Greg Pak Helms James Bond 007 Series

391. Dynamite Signs Mark Russell to New Lone Ranger Ongoing Series!

392. Rock and Roll All Night With Deluxe KISS Trading Cards From Dynamite!

393. Dynamite Signs Bryan Hill to Launch New KISS Ongoing Series!

394. Dejah Thoris Encounters Vampirella in New Dynamite Series! ,,Author Erik Burnham and Artist Ediano Silva Deliver Iconic Crossover Event

395. Get Tromafied! Dynamite to Publish Art of Troma! ,,A Celebration of the Longest-Lasting Independent Film Company That STILL Hasn't Made a Hit!

396. Dynamite Delivers James Bond Origin Story








404. Get Garth Ennis Signed Editions Of 'The Boys' Collections In Advance Of The Amazon TV Series



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